Thursday, August 31, 2006

6 RaNdOm fActs 'bOuT mE

Aiyahh thought today MERDEKA day can get a rest and really celebrate the freedom to rest....oh mana tau...early early morning my phone keep ringing and ringing, call from office..WTH non stop calling even I ignore it..

Then syiok syiok watching tv, tak pasal kena tag by Ah Nel = (
Now I need to get my brain working for the 6 tags....aiyahhh Ah Nel oh Ah Nel.....

1) Coffee...Coffee...Coffee...~~ That's what my default morning drinks before kick off to work, else I will die on the way to work

2) Chili....Chili...Chili....~~ That's my default food too...ANYTHING without it I will die too....I rather have my stomach fighting inside and lau sai the next day then to go without it !!!!

3) MCB...MCB....MCB...~~ My new dictonary words..Okay not that I don't know this words exist BUT I used it more often now in every of my IM message...and it's been at the top of the chart NOW..over riding the old KNS words....hahahahhaah

4) Horror....Horror...Horror~~ I LURP LURP horror movie...any MOVIE involved KILLING KILLING KILLING, TORTURING TORTURING TORTURING..EATING EATING EATING will be my cup of tea....muahahahahh all my frenz frenz said I physco.....errr I oso have the kid side of self I LURP CARTOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN too =p

5) R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P~~ I will love that someone sooooooo deeply if the "FEELS" exist. The longest I hold the feeling for someone is 9yrs... =o(

6) Pheww LAST BUT NOT LEAST~~I don't like to SLEEP....too much sleep make me not active..the more activities I have, the more ENERGECTIC I become...that's make my frenz wonder too!! What kinda of person I AM ! =/

Now sudah habis tulis was thinking this is more like a CONFESSION then a RANDOM FACTS muahahahahhaha....okok my turn to tag tag ppl liao.
Here we go....jeng jeng jeng....drum rolling......Our luckiest Blogers are:

@~~ Rojaks Daily lar who else

@~~ Kenny Ng

@~~ Unansweredbleakness
this guy again....Nv give up tag him till he really blog..hahah (using FORCE here)

More to come when I think about it hahahah get to rest d =)


Kenny Ng said...

aiyoh... kena tag here also, sei lor... always kena tag. Hey Lyn, the link wrong oledi, not g-files 1... is kenny-ng 1 la.

**L-Y-N** said...

Aiyo now u see hw pening i ...that Ah Nel buat gua pening pening with the tag on MERDEKA Day aiyoyo...okok me go change change..aiyahhh....

U.B said...

since everyone starts with aiyo.

Aiyo... I was down and still a little with gastric that was gone for some times, on this 49th BD of the country. Will blog again when recovered lar. :))

**L-Y-N** said...

Wow UB...u ada baik karr...hw come eat ah or eat too much eh ! =P

Okok take care n recover soon lar hope to see ur blog up after this !!

ah nel said...

kenny :2nd tag for u ledi...take ur time...*i'm waiting* ;P

lilyn :cipet u...i in ofiz u so sinang goyang kaki at home so must gv u same taste sama gua taicock u wana go together gether wit me o not???lol

**L-Y-N** said...

Aiks Ah Nel lu punya pasal ah me sama Kenny udah pening wor =&

lyn: Oh I changed the correct one d oh!! Still wrong kar? eh where got wait wait one one kena have to fast fast. Me think next time we shud do come out with somethg "Who beat d rest in the best time"

Kenny Ng: anyway... u put the wrong link oledi la... not g-files la, it's kenny-ng la

lyn: hahahaha i really blur d i think i go n put the msg in the chat box not belong to u but the g-files one gai lar semua tu Ah Nel punya pasal

Kenny Ng: hey lyn, what u mean forgot to change name in my shoutbox?

aiya gua punya taste almost same same as tu pasal me kena perah otak mau tulis diff bilo kena tarak kena cakap tarak TULEN =p

Kenny Ng said...

oh... yah forgot to compare ur facts with mine...

1. same... morning must kena 1 kopi kaw!

2. i like chili too but depend on wat kind of food

3. u MCB... me is KNN n TNS... hahaha

4. same... horror is the best!

5. this 1 i kalah... less than u 2 yrs... haha

6. sleep... eeerrrr sometimes i wish that how nice human no need to sleep.

**L-Y-N** said...

wow Kenny....out of the 6 ah we got 3 persamaan...hahaha ni tag kasi olang kenal sama olang....hahahah

Anonymous said...


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