Monday, August 14, 2006

ALl yOu cAn fInd In MaLaySia ~~ haVinG fiNanCiAl proBlem??

Over budget...over budget...over all I can hear in my brain for this month.. Totally get myself in bankrupt mode...

Just early this month spent RM256 to service and fix my car. Clearing up my credit card debt of RM610 so that I can continue to swapped for RM2K+. With all the SALE going on's DAMN so tempting...ended up I spent almost RM1K extra out of my monthly expenses of RM300...WOW that is HUGE... !!!

Just when I am in the state of choking myself to death....I finally FOUND the SOLUTION when my friend handed this to me. Bell ringing in my head: Think no no more...worry no more....the "Ah Loong" is here to HELP !! =p Lallalalallalallala

Wow believe it or not this is really one good solution provided...
INI kad serupa finanace....(SHIT) do they really mean FINANCE or what...? =&

Reading further down I noted "Serupa pinjam satu ribu, satu bulan bayar dua ratus lebih, bayar lima bulan atau enam bulan, hutang sudah habis....(hmmm can think of it huh!~~borrow RM1K, just pay RM200+ monthly for 5 to 6 months...your debt will pay off...WOW u tell me ada kasi ni macam meh???)

Ohhh the best part is yet to come when I turned over the card...GOSH there's a calendar..*SMILING... Heheheeh can track PMS cycle....OR....*scrathing my head...GOSH this is specially designed to help US organized our loan pay date... (what a good service by them =D *2 thumbs up!!!)

Googling around for further information on them.....I found this: The first phrase captured my attention was WE ARE SELLING AH LOONG APPLICATION SOFTWARE !!! WAIT !!! are they kidding me??? Me click click.... scrolling down... help you manage your loan account nicely.

Why use our product ?

- Easy to used
- Fast in processing
- No paper works
- Data is protected
- Instant variety reports
(Walau wonder they are so high tech..can print the calendar.)
- The most important Due Date Report will not lose any collection payment on due.

Minimum System Requirement
Pentium 4
128 RAM
Windows XP SP2

Optional Software
Microsoft Office Crystal Report (you can customize your own reporting)

"GENG" the new potential business....had expend itself in Malaysia...... =D =D =D
For those small Ah Loong chai...NO capital to invest on this software....????? No worries.....all is being well taken care of.....just opt for this application form for your customer =P

Ah Loong for's a handy information for ya:

Don't like to read ...then listen to thier advertisment larrr...

AH-HA - Ah Long Bukit Beruntung


tony said...

irene, love ur blogs. of all things suddenly write about ah long ah long today, simply hilarious. so much effort u put in, dun worry effort not wasted got ppl here "yan siong" :D

**L-Y-N** said...

=) my faithful FAN finally dropped me a comments....hahahhahaha