Thursday, June 29, 2006

L*Y*N befRiEnd KeNnY sIa
A happy Thurs morning <062906> a message replied from Kenny Sia...yes the one AND ONLY Kenny this blog is a tribute to him the amazing, funniest, creative, hillarious it whatever you wish...

He ain't a celebrity for those who "might not hear" about him (sounds silly...mostly would, I bet)

TO ME Kenny is more then a celebrities
(check out his site and you would agreed wif me)
.. *grin* I admit I would rather spend my buzzzy & quality time reading his news vs the actors & actress scandal!!!

You got to learn a GOOD deal out from it...Hehehhe...thinking of the CONDOM....he shared about kakakakkaka!! So take a look at this recognized him if you ain't know who HE is ...

Hmmmm guess I will send him another message to let him know.. to capture more n more n more n more pic, at least I have the options to choosed which one I like and paste it here...just to fit my blog space...and design..Huh!

Picture grabbed from

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FuNny mAlaYsiA nEws
Tuesday June 27, 2006
Incentives for marrying and converting orang asli
(100% effective way to increase the population+fully utilise "govt $")

KELANTAN will offer RM10,000 to each Muslim preacher who marries an orang asli woman and naturally converts her as part of renewed efforts to propagate Islam among the 3,000-odd community in the state.

State Religious Affairs committee chairman Hassan Mahamood (PAS – Tawang) said the same incentive was applicable if the preacher was a Muslim woman who took an orang asli husband.

Asked if the preacher may court the orang asli as a second or third wife, poor the MUSLIM WOMAN, NOT EARNING AS MUCH ! (>o<) uh...we might see another headline soon "MUSLIM WOMAN" allow for polygamy & are allow to marry > then 4 hubby...> Hassan said it depended on the individual.

The latest figures show that in the past five years, 2,904 of some 3,000 orang asli who reside in Gua Musang and Jeli districts, embraced Islam on their own free will. Hassan said the state government was unhappy with the conversion rate of the orang asli, who traditionally did not subscribe to any main religion.

Besides the monetary incentive, the preachers would also receive free accommodation, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and a fixed monthly allowance of RM1,000.

CONCLUSION: all the Muslim preachers need ONLY to marry 4 wives to make a living ...

my math calculation:

Muslim preacher marry 4 wives= get 4 car + 4 accomodation + FIXED MONTHLY SAL

To earn good living = sell 4 cars + rent out the 3 places...

Need I say more???

Monday, June 26, 2006


This is not suppose to be the blog of today....I should write "me-n-my-love" update vs this f***ing stupid-idiot-shit-bastard guy!! (ooppss sorry for all the xxx words)

I'm started to get phobia with word "guys" (okok admited NOT all the guy), just specifially for the @^$*@$@&$%&@$%@$% guy. Arrggghhhhhh !!! I am out of control. *breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.....phewwwww... much better now.

FUCK!!! today am totally blank of how to express this..all I knew is I am feeling totally on fire, a hot burning fire inside!!!

I totally can't get it right no matter how many times I tried to get this brain thinking and pondering ..... how can guy simply came into your life in a sec and claimed they are so passionately in love with you, bringing along their thoundsand of promises and the I jump, you jump sweet talks BUT then within another mins......digging out the 101 reasons of "how good you are to them and they don't deserve you" then just stab u hard through the heart...and leave you bleeding to death!

It's been countless time I've been stab with the sharp knive YET...I never wake up *banging head on the pillow ~~not eh stupid to bang on the wall leh! Feeling really hurt this time AGAIN, it was like the history repeating it over and over again.

Am I the one that being foolish to love so deep? to give in so much ? and trusted a person so easily???? Come on...someone pluezeeeeee slap me will you!!! Juz wake me up for once and for all !!!

9 yrs back, the same thing happened, I have this close friend who betrayed me after sharing with her of my rship problems ...after 9 yrs now...I encountered the same feeling, though how much I wanted to believe, there's always a true friendship, which we get so often to wrote it during our schooldays....Friends forever, Friendship last forever bla bla bla...F***ing shit !!!

Guess throughout this life either I was being curse with the wrong guy or curse to trust people so easily open up.... and share my whole fucking life with them...CILAKA BETUL!!
Blame not on anyone BUT GOD PLUESEEEEEEEE let the curse END here!

P/S: WARNING SIGN: "I like you or you are someone close I can talk too but anything is possible, but I'm warning you because I like you, I don't want you to get hurt so it should be no commitment at this's like if i didnt like you i wouldnt' care attitude ~~translates into guy-speak as:

"Well, I fancy you and we could have sex but not in the market for a commitment right now, so don't get upset with me if we do have sex and nothing comes out of it."

"They didn't know what they wanted or who they were. It was an experiment to try and find that out"

"He still wants to fuck other people."

mY wEeKeNd OuTing

Saturday ~*~ went out for a dinner at paya terubung, ordered myself a "jawa mee goreng". First time eating the ever spicy jawa mee goreng....yum yum it tasted so good...was it coz of the chilli or no comparison to do =) .... After feeding the hungry stomach which just got 2 "siew pao" the whole day, feeling satisified, we headed off to Bayview Beach hotel for the night out at the beach..joinning the crowd for beach party cum World Cup viewing organized by the HITZ.FM...

Whole day was raining thought it won't be that crowded but SURPRISE!! FOC stuffs..what you think leh....

Being like..."katak di bawa tempurung" I was walking towards the beach with eye balls keep rolling left right, left right...hehee too many people in aka beach style there..too excited !

Entering the gate, gosh...guess who I met "bootifuuuuuul" colleague..standing there talking over her mobile n GUESS what is she in....JEANSSSSSSSSSSS !! Oh NO NO ...thought this is a beach party... *better stop talking about her here... she might read this...or the other colleagues will (if they do, they better zip their mouth)

Strolling through the crowds, we trying to squeezed ourself thru to take a glimpse at the stage... a couple of DJ's was there...saw JLo, Joe, the 8Tv host (err what his name d) , group of the ladies crew wearing bikini...=) dancing on the stage, BESTTTTTTTTT ! (of coz excluded the one in black bikini with the "body oil" eyeweeeeee) guess she suits more in the Tamil movie...some more non stop juggling her "bak yui" there...

The night was fun...dancing, singing and enjoying the breeze...we hang out till 1am+ ...before left, time to send our CINDERALLA home...THANKS guys for the night out. Mentang mentang lo ah yee long time no party or clubbing...this one will do also lo!

Sunday ~*~ Woke up about 1p (quite early eh) after I snoozed off at 5.30a on Sat.

Dragged myself out from bed,take bath, make a coffee and ate 1 1/2 "kuih balu" (is it the right term, err don't care la). Logged on to my laptop and started to work.

4.45p feeling hungry, IM my friend for laksa, went out at 5.30p, picked my friend one after another.....ended up NO LAKSA for the day =(. Running out of time for our TOKYO DRIFT movie...drove back all the way to BJ. We bought ourself a ticket...stomach started growling and making we decided to grab McD before movie start.

Lucky day for the 4 of us, we get free chicken McDeluxe (2 eh). No different with the rest of greedy Malaysian.... (wei we have the blood flowing in us leh what you think ah) we kept it lar for our snacks later.

Of coz it's not me who took it..pray hard lar the one that ate it. Hopefully the stomach don't get upset tonight. =)
Opppsss I returned 1 of it to exchange for my McNuggets. Urged for much!! so no choice though just swollen a set of chicken McDeluxe. What to cholesterol level still not at HIGH RISK....heheeh proven report shown :

[ =) can enjoy more then McNuggets from now on!~~anxiously waiting for this report for almost 2 weeks, so pay back time TODAY]

7.15p get seated in the cinema...enjoy the relaxing time...watching the movie which nothing much then just a movie without a story but just cool shiny, loud, fast car and the chick..better then the one we saw at the beach !! Overall hands leg all up for this movie eh...

Bet...after this there'll sure be a Penang Drift at Teluk Bahang hahahaha =0)

check out the trailer at:

lots more about it at:

Friday, June 23, 2006

fAlLinG sIck AGAIN!!!

Yesterday & the day before:
Again falling sick and was out from work for 1.5 days. The whole body was totally exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally tired. Went off to bed early about 8p+. Trying to get to bed then but the whole body was shivering and sweating, I felt suffocated and can't mind was blackout....I can't think of anything at all...

In the darkness, all that flashes through was the emptiness feelings, being alone and I kept drowning, drowning, and drowning in the pool of tears....for the first time after so many months I cried to my sleep AGAIN...

I woke up early in the morning feeling dizzy and weak, pulling myself out from bed, take a shower and trying to work. The head was so heavy I ended up lying on the couch and took 2 aspirin and snoozed off till late afternoon...

In the middle of my sleep, I was awaken by the sounds of the chime in my bedroom... outside the wind was blowing so hard....forcing the clapper to tune to it melodies, suddenlly it reminds me of the gift's owner...

I was listening to the musical instrument played by the little piper chime...the musical effect when strucked really creates a pleasant sound....remembering once I was told, the flute player actually symbolized happiness and joy and it's believed to bring prosperity and abundant too.....and I believed at that time this gift was meant for the purposes.

Somehow, somehow at that moment, my tears suddenlly rolled down...thinking was it really bringing happiness or just the other way...???

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

HuRt sO bAd

"Hurt so bad" ~~ my feelings since June 18. A day I shall rememeber for ever.

A day where I've been hurt so badly which a thousand words won't able to describe how this heart felt.

Mixed feeling of broken promises, trust, disappointment, betrayed....and MOST OF ALL feeling like a stupid person on earth.

Feeling like SHOUTING out to the world of how heavy this heart is...somehow everything just ended up in silence....... listening to this songs, it's just expressed my feelings at the moment.





"The future is unclear now. Instead of hoping for what it could be,
I will just wait and see"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i dRoWneD a LiZaRd ~~in memorial of "Lizzy"

Gee I was supposed to write this yesterday, but just waiting for another day to see what karma can happen to me !! =) *smiling sheepishly....Ok Ok I ain't a bad person..come on I just drowned a lizard. It's not that big deal as I used to know someone who will hit and killed it. Comparing it with him.... may sounds bad of me, but who knows it might live after being flush of to the bathroom hole. After all no one know whether are they capable of swimming..

I have a frenz who really believe in karma and believe if she did something bad, she will experience the karma in a day...Guess at least I waited till a day to laugh about it, after drowned Lizzy yesterday while taking my bath..

Eh...Lizzy really scared the hell out of me when I saw it lazying resting at the bathroom sink.
I really don't mean to drown it, just teaching it a splashing the water and make it swim...seeing it swim just make me feel funny kekekekke so I decided to drown it....=)

I did thought of saving it but it was too eeeeeeeeeweeeeeee to touch...and the most is, it's been upside down struggling through the water...then...thinking it might be able to swim so ...there it the hole

I did pray for it last nite...and even mourn for it. Hey...after all this blog was tribute to guess it will RIP. Hmmmm wondering should I make this as Lizzy anniversary..

Dear Lizzy,

I may not sound apologetic of what I did but I really do felt sorry. Actually I did asked my wise frenz, will there be any reborn in next life....Oh he told me, I might be born as an animal specifially stated as "Kiam Hu" aka Salted fish in my next life so guess this life you are lizard then you will be borned as a this ain't bad at all huh.... ????

So RIP larrr......

Monday, June 12, 2006

sEpt iS coMing......
How true is that I will be having a big it that co-incident or ????
The Bottom Line

Proof of your progress arrives. You're closer to the finish line than you thought.

In Detail

Get ready for some real proof of your progress to appear. Things have taken a turn -- a strong turn. The tough choices you've been making are paying off big time and people are taking more notice of the unique perspective that you bring to every conversation and meeting. Relationships are fading to the back burner of your life right now, but that doesn't mean that you're not in the thoughts of the people who love you. They are watching you soar and cheering you on.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

wHiCh OpTiOns I hAve tO cHoOse???

What my Horoscope said about me 2day.......

Even if you don't feel one hundred percent sure, move forward. Luck is with you.

In Detail

Sometimes you just have to go on faith. You're at a crossroads right now -- and time is running out. You need to decide soon which way you're going, and you won't have the luxury of knowing all the information you want to know about your options. The good news is that you're in a very solid lucky phase, and your instincts can fill in the blanks and help you take a calculated risk. So even if you're not completely sure, go in the direction that just feels the most comfortable now.

Huh it's the worst decision to make though luck is at my side.... =(

Thursday, June 08, 2006

fEeliNg sIcK & LoSt

Today am out from work, feeling sick...been in bed whole day. Migrane attacking me again causing me to vomit....and feeling uneasy...

Hate this kind of sickness. When it happened it's just grab away my energy and can't think straight. Leading to me feeling lost now...huh AGAIN??? I really seriously thinking, do I really have mental problem??? hahaha *sounds scary if anyone read this.

Lately been feeling lost again...anything just anything doesn't make me feel good at doing it, worst still I can't really bother about doing it at all....I keep pushing myself and reminding myself to try hard n harder to make life more meaningful yet it still doesn't work...what is happening here....???
Today I vow to at least carry out some of the following tasks:

- Continue to read the book which been meaning to complete it sometimes
- Spend time traveling home to see my parents
- Go to bed early
- Paint picture or anything I used to like
- Make some memories
- Exercise more, join dancing class or anything
- Spend more time with frenz
- Visit someone who is lonely....*guess I am the only one ppl shud visit
- Find time for myself
- Just sit and listen to still enrol in guitar class
- Get a massage
- Seek out forgotten frenz
- Sleep under the stars..spend whole nite at beach
- Laugh a little...
- Laugh a little more...
- Apologized for being too busy
- Swim
- Speak about love, build my trust in it
- Befriend silence * MOST IMPORTANT
- Watch sunset/sunrise
- Baked/Cook anything... *only if I know hahahaha
- Get a group of frenz together for a cup of coffee and hang out
- Traveling to places I longed to visit...
- Take scuba diving classes.....

Huh the list can go on n on n on...but will I ever get any of it in action....???? =(

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

heY...dO i LoOk liKe I'm mArrIed wIth KiDsss????

Do I ????

Do I ???? Do I ???

Do I ??? Do I ??? Do I ???

Do I ???? Do I ??? Do I ??? Do I ????

Monday, June 05, 2006


It's 3.10a...finally I got all my blog transfered here. Gee it's really tough having to cut and paste all my previous posts from a different template and having all the alignment running out.. =( and getting my fingers feeling numb.It tooks me so many days to finally get it all here phewwwwwwww.....

*yawn, my eyes is dropping yet still forcing it to open wide just because today it's gonna be the end of my long weekend...tomorow back to work argghhhh thinking of it make me feel sick !! The weenkend seems to passed by faster then I thought, though have another xtra day off, somehow still don't even get enough rest !

GOSH just hate this STUPID company which makes me
feeliing SUCKS all the time !!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

JuNE 1st

June 1st...what a good start of the month..the day which I will never forget, the most funniest and humiliated day in my entire life ! Hahahaha thinking of it now even make me giggle! Silly me...

It's the day "Sean" is being recognized by my whole "8" geng !

Sean was having his first new hair cut (He really looks weird and funny) and as usual I was updating a frenz of mine of my so called "my love". And just right during lunch time, they came to pick me up and being my usual self I was complaining about how the hair cut does not suit him and even worst with him wearing PINK colour shirt.....and bla bla bla...aiye as usual also none of them was paying attention to me...I supposed lah..till..we reached our destination.

*Thanks GOD for arranging we came out from the car, there was "my love" with his bunch of frenz. Even worst was 1 of my frenz happened to know him....GOSH ! There he shouted "hey buddy, what happened to your hair..." On the spot, another frenz of mine noted he was wearing the PINK colour shirt and straight shouting "OMG...don't tell me he is your love" SHIT.....paaaaaaaakkkkkkk there goes my hand on my frenz back and me jumping hysterically like a monkey...the hit was so loud that everyone sitting there was staring at me...blushing...(the worst impression to the crowd and most of all...Sean)

I was cursing myself the whole day for being so chatter box else none of this will happened.The worst is yet to come....without even realizing that actually my frenz don't quite get it that he is the one, even after the lunch time incident, I again..being too talkative...IM my frenz and asked how can he knew him and bla bla bla....then only to realized he was blur on the topic but it's too late...I have revealed my own secret ...the rest is history till NOW!

Lesson learned that day ....SILENCE IS GOLDEN!!!!