Thursday, October 05, 2006

FeElIng pRessure???

Feeling stress out.... ???
Feeling tension at work....???

Feeling boring... ???
Feeling nothing to laugh about.... ???

Whatever ur feeling NOW...
watch this and you SURELY no REGRETS.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    =) hahahah this is the episode of me taking revenge over FOOD....
    After recover previously from LS and PUKEING...I have a MARATHON meals....till today !!!

    The first revenged I took after my "fasting" is a trip to Kimberly street for bukan sebarang steamboat....check out the behind scene of it's specialty..

    "Dine" in at Goh Fatt Seng a 50 yrs old restaurant

    A creative decoration....instead of bottles as decoration
    they have placed all the can foods there =P solli eh too small
    for viewing !

    Kana fried rice for appetizer...=) yummy yummy...

    Here comes the main course....the BEST on this table
    is of course that CHILLI PADI =)

    See old steamboat pot and how it's being
    heat up....with the cute fan !!! ~~this is the reason
    behind the good taste of this steamboat...
    original soup with MSGless !!

    Hmmmm....looks good me feel hungry now hahaha

    The friendly aunty who so keen to let me snap her pic
    First when I asked her permission to take pic together
    she some more wanna wait for the steamboat to
    be served...said nicer wor hahahaah

    After took the first pic...she keep asking her frenz to join
    in you spot the similiarity in the pic???

    This is a proof of how good the steamboat here..
    pelarian from hospital...just to eat HERE!!!