Thursday, November 30, 2006

WhOSe Ur FaV???

I believe if I were to ask the kids nowdays to list down their favourite probably can hear them shouting either one of them ....






But after severals years from NOW what you think you will hear them shout ???















MUAHAHHAHHA laugh as much as you wish.....this gonna be our NEW listed superhero in near future...check out what our NEW SUPERHERO character is like at (LOL ~~ got soundtrack & trailer to whahahahahah)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


First of all this ain't 18SX blog so those daddy and mommy out there no need to worry =p.Today I received a forwarded message from a friend and after read really showed me the new insight of the wonderful words of "FUCK"....

So me thought it will be good to eduacte all if some may not know about through it to believe it yourself....

The word FUCK perhaps is the most interesting and colourful words in the English language today which most may not realise. It's one magical word, which, just by it's sound can desrcribe

1) Pain
2) Pleasure
3) Love
4) Hate

In language it falls into many categories, it can be used as :

1) Verb, both transitive (ie: John fucked Mary)
2) And intransitive passive verb(ie: Mary really doesn't give a fuck)
3) Or an adverb (ie: Mary is fucking interested in John)
4) And as a noun (ie: Mary is terrible fuck)
5) As adjective (ie: Mary is fucking beautiful)

Besides, its sexual connotations, this INCREDIBLE word can be used to describe your daily situations:
Greetings............"Good morning boss, how the fuck are you today?"
Fraud..................."I get fucked by the char keow teow aunty"
Dismay................."Oh! fuck it"
Trouble................"Well, I guess the boss are fucked now"
Aggression..........." FUCK YOU"
Disgust.................."FUCK ME"
Confusion.............."What the fuck--?"
Difficulty................"I don't understand the fucking shit during the meeting with my boss"
Despair..................."Fucked again"
Incompetence........"He/She fucked up the whole damn proposal"
Displeasure............."What the fuck is going on with the boss today"
Lost.........................."Where the fuck are this company leading to"
Retaliation..............."Up your fucking ass!!"

It can be used in an anatomical description ~~" He's a fucking asshole
It can be used to tell time ~~"It's five fucking thirty"
It can be be maternal ~~"As in " Motherfucker"
It can be political ~~"Fuck ?????"

And never forget General Custer's last words: " Where did all them fucking Indians come from?"
Also, the famous last words of the Mayor of Hiroshima: "What the fuck was that?"
And last but not least the immortal words of Captain of the Titanic: "Where is all this fucking water coming from ?"

Now do you see how creative this word can be how can anyone be offended when you say "FUCK" ???? Use it frequently in your daily speech and spice up your daily communicaton with it.....

I'm sure you FUCKING enjoy reading this to reach till the end....hahahahah FUCK YOU !!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

LyN meEt DT /Tribute to DT

I'm back =), seems this blog is really OUTDATED, solli to all my loyal readers, thousand thousand apology ohhhh...

Me been down with sickness almost whole month after returning back from The David Tao Love Can World Tour Live Concert in Malaysia last last Sat which was organised by Galaxy Group and presented by Hotlink....(oooppsss it's reallllll outdated) but to those who share the same LURP for DT...I bet this gonna be worth your reading hahahah...=)
some reader must be cursing me kau kau to post about this after a missing in action...for damn long.

No care me been waiting to meet my all time fav DT since May when the the concert was postponed due to he injuries he suffered from motorcycle accident, and now here I am touring all the way to KL so must blog about it oh !!!!

As excited as every first timer (heheh paiseh) me and my fren, travelled to Bukit Jalil National Stadium at about 4pm. Wei we not siao lar....just a bit kiasu that we caught in traffic and moreover no transport so the bro-in-law dropped us at nearby walked walked...=p

At about 5p+, we decided to leaved the so called boring carefour and walked all our way to the Stadium. No sign of human when we reached there, except the hotlink chicks...walking around grabbing people to top up their hotlink card..(solli leh no pic)

Around 6p, the crowd started to filled up the outside entrance...and strolling towards the 988 radio station booth for a free gifts and trying their luck to get lucky draw...(hee me oso ada joined in lar but not return for the lucky draw ~~who gonna return, asked us to go back at 7p when concert almost started)

Around 6p+, there's still not much sign of human outside the stadium....was wondering is this really DT's concert??? How come no fans...hahahahhaa or was I the only one that "siao" him kakakakaka

Anxiously and HUNGRYLY waiting outside me and my fren, walked over to asked a few "lengggg chai" who guarding the entrance....with my ala..broken contenese slang:

Lyn&YC: Harloo, key to tim ho yi yap hui ah...???

LCssss: Lok tim key....

Lyn: Yi ka mar lok tim key oh...tim kai chong mei yap tak ??

LCssss: Chong mei tang ha sin lar...

Lyn: KNS..dunno y setup all the food stalls inside the oledi so late, at least let people in to buy food lar...while waiting..really bo ai kai....grrr grrr...stomach growling

The LCsss geng who don't allowed me in..MCB

After been chased keep cursing the stupid organizer...but luckily there's some entertainment while waiting la....saw a lot of Ah-Lian Ah-Hua, Ah-Beng & Ah-Seng dressed in wonderful colourful mia fashion...hehehhee ~soli again oh, me no mood that time to capture pic....really starved to death....the only pic I got is THIS...

Behind look really seksa....turn infront aduihhh
macam datang watch soap opera ..=P

Finally around 7p+ we are allowed to entered...WOW this really beh eh...we bought the ticket with a num seat but then when entering that's a free seat and our location...changed...from the upper deck to the lower deck (this is better lar of course...but the num seat turned to be FREE seating...real shit) luckly we bit kisau go n queue up earlier...if listen to the hotlink chicks that those with num seat no need to worry then we SURELY ended up seeing the shadow of DT.

Setting of the stadium...alamak look like
A crime scene place nia with those cheap red stripe ribbon

Scene at 8p...hall flooded with fans
But still no sign of DT...really wait so damn long and HOT

Around 8p+ there's goes DT "flying" down from the top hahahaha dressed up in a shimmering full set of white costume...GOSH he look damn good.........the moment he started to sang....the whole day sweat waiting for him....wiped OUT!!....the rest...was history...

Can't managed to snap much of DT's pic as some sickening voluntary RELA security officer standing beside me throughout the whole concert and WARNING me to turn off my camera....)@&$@*^$@&

Luckly get some videos to share.... and check out this site for more n more n more n more n more of DAVID TAO....muakkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss !!!

Jin Tian Jia Kei Wo

DT duets and dancing with er hu player-cum-backup vocalist Ke Wei

Tai Mei Li

Tian Tian 天天

DT duet with a fan ~~Celine. Gosh did he picked her???
I think she more like ran to the front and asked to be picked
=( jelesssssssssssss
when she hugged him at the end ...HEARD THAT SCREAMING ????

Jiu Shi Ai Ni

DT's last song