Thursday, August 17, 2006


aiyahhh this is REALLY a long long long tiring list I need to come out with...just because i INSULTED B***k** LEE to make it up..and SHOW my SINCERITY to *** LEE I spend my WHOLE NIGHT creating this purposely...for the ONE and ONLY ***2~~~@

:) :-) :> **Smiling, happy faces; don't take me too seriously
;) ;-) ;> **Winking happy faces
B-) **Smiling face from a person wearing glasses
8-) **Smiley with big eyes...perhaps wearing contact lenses
8-( **Unhappy smiley
:D :-D **Laughter
:-o **"Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)/ User singing National anthem/Surprise/shocker
:-(**Sad or disappointed face
:-P :-r :-f Tongue stuck out
:-J**Tongue in cheek
:-#**Censored/User wears braces
:-$**Message indicating person is ill
:-& **Tongue tied/eating spaghetti
:-* :-x**Blowing a Kiss.../After eating something bitter or sour
:-(=)**Big teeth
<:-)**Dumb questions
:^)**3/4 view of person with elf-type sharp nose
:*) **I'm drunk
:-{#}**teasing people about their braces
&:-)**curly hair
@:-)**wavy hair/Elvis
#:-)**matted hair
O:-)**Angel/acting innoncent
) :-) )-: **Masking theatrical comments
:-K-**Formally dressed
<:>==**A turkey
O:O**A girl is mooning you
@*&$!%**You know what that means...
(O--< **A fishy message...
@}->-- @>+-+-- --<---@**A rose.
(-_-)**Secret smile
(.)(.)**big boobs
:/)**Not funny
:-)))**big smile/I'm overweight
:->**Sarcastic remarks
:-c**Real unhappy
:-< **Frowning/ Mad/Upset
:-}**Crooked Smile
:-7**after a wry statement
(@ @)**You're kidding!
:-w**Speak with forked tongue
:-1 :-,**Smirks
<:-O**User just saw a mouse, Eeek!
:-T**Keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)
:-y**Speaking doubtfully
:'-( :~-( :~(~~~**Crying
:-).... :-)~~~**Drool
:~)**I might sneeze
:-?**Smoking a pipe
:-8**Talking out both sides of your mouth
o=**A burning candle for flames
-= **A doused candle to end a flaame
.-)**one eye :-:**mutant
**The invisible smilie (muahahhahah)
:<)**User is a blabber mouth
:^{**For those with mustaches
8*)**Smile with glasses and moustache
B*)**Smile with Moustache and Designer Sunglasses!
:<)=**those with beards too
:-=)**Older user with mustache
:-#**User with bushy mustache
.... (>_<) ....**Eminem
~~`\o/`~~ **Drowning user
18XX Column
[ ]=====================D**pennis
(_))===D~~ **Male ejaculation
\!/**A male lying on his back with legs spread
\*/**A female lying on his back with legs spread
AlA **Madonna's cleavage
( + )( + )**Fake silicone breasts
(*)(*)**High nipple breasts
(@)(@)**Big nipple breasts
{ O }{ O }**D cups
(oYo)**Wonder bra breasts
( ^ )( ^ )**Cold breasts
(_<>_)**An ass ready for action!
(_^?_)**Neat shaven ass
(_^_)**A bubble ass
(_^^_)**A bubble ass
(_*_)**A sore ass
(_!__)**A lop-sided ass
{_!_}**A swishy ass
(_O_)**An ass that's been around even more
(_$_)**This ass will cost you
(_/_)**An asian ass
(_~_)**A latin ass
(_x_)**Kiss my ass
(_X_)**Leave my ass alone
(_#_)**Pound my ass
(_##_)**Pound my ass even harder's 11:43p, blur blur d...still haven't managed to complete the list...puhhhhhhhhhleaaaaaaaseeeeeee someone please help me to complete..POST your smileys if you have any....
P/S: Learn more of this acronyms at Kenny's side...=P

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