Saturday, September 30, 2006

bEeN poIsIoneD

Recently me being the so called famous mia "Spore bee hoon" at one of the food center at Pragain Mall....

The story goes like this....last Wed, after work me mar wanna go pan leng leng so mar drove down to my usual saloon center to get my hair dye....As usual lar me was treated like VIP (of coz lar eveli time came out sure kena > RM200++ the least), when arrived. Seeing me haven't take dinner, the tau keh niao mar helped to order the famous mia bee hoon loo....

After took the bee hoon, my stomach was not feeling well, but caused ai sui me mar tahan looo and continue to sit there. After 3 long hours finally I have my hair done, paid and leaved.

Upon reaching stomach making grrr grrrr mia sound....and feeling nausea, I throwed up for the 1st time...then thinking it was usual as it's due to month end...normally stomach bloated and full of me mar continue take bath.....after a while suddenlly it comes again.......PUKE, LS, PUKE LS, PUKE LS....the drama continues for 4th times, 5th times....throughout the whole damn night...till I lost count myself =(

The following day I went to visit doc....and gosh...I was attacked by fever virus pulak.... No food allowed.....and I was asked to drink water ONLY....

The worst is...the doc somemore give me the colourless medicine....SHIT...
At least give lar....people something look more appetite....2 days 2 nights me only eat this stupid darn medicine and cursing the stupid ala famous mia Spore bee hoon....

Errrrr...ada WALES mia medicine oh..
baru notice hahaaahaa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

uSh....uSh...uSh...mia gift - 18Sx
    Again I AM WARNING THOSE KIDS out there who may happend to steps a footprint to my blog. This is meant for ADULTS...STRICTLY ADULTS....

    Something nice me wanna share share with lu olang..prob some of you may came accrossed this adv...anyway found it interesting and who knows this maybe an early plan gift for the V-Day next yr....or probably now oso lar, if wanna give on moon cake festival mia day since it's the closest occasion coming our way MUAHAHHAHHAA

    Check out COOL SEXCITED MIA once listen it sounds like kambing mengembek KAKKAKAKKAKAAKA

    Product Name: Interest Max (errr y such name???)
    Model Number: VC04-A, VC04-B
    Place of Origin: Where else u can get it...
    If not China mali mia

    Suitable for many occasion as suggested =)
    1) Pencil vase: easy to use.
    2) Adult toy: a fantastic gift to wife, husband and lover
    3) Give yourself or him / her an orgasm with just one touch
    4) April Fools' Day gift: Very Funny and Joking Gift.

    1) Very good voice quality
    2) Very low power consumption
    3) The batteries can be easily replaced when the battery power is low

    Packing: Color box (see la..teng lang good in business)

    Brief intro of the co:
    Zhejiang Kuge Toy Co., Ltd. is the company which manufactured this product. It is a Taiwanese enterprise, integrating R&D, production and exportation. The factory occupies 5 acres with 25,000 square meters of building, and has over 100 employees.

    As stated at their website ah they are professional in making novelties, toys, stationery and premiums with more than 30 years of experience (WOW so geng). and hundreds of products .....You may check out yourself lar the gua punnnn tarak pernah if any of sudah naik sexcited after see this n got intention to place oder kasi gua tau lar (oopppss I ain't the supplier or dealer..but wanna tumpang kaki order...hahhaahhaha !!!

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    dInE iN aT A.U.D.E.E.S

    Wow it's real darn long since I blog blog...thousands apology for mia peminat-peminat setia =P Me fall sick for almost 2 wks, then after, me too buzeee with work...too muchy tension ...after work back sleep work back can't even stay up late to blog...oppppss talk too much craps...

    Okay okay...cut that blog gua ada intention mau win sama tu Ah Nel (he blog too much on food d the Jln Song...) then to kena perli d so kisau, me now stay up at 12a oso gua buka mata besor besor BLOGGGGGGGGGGGG hahahhaa

    Last week was my fren ~~ Luan 's butt we decided to dine at one of the new restaurant in town.....AUDEES ~~ Cuisine.Wine.Jazz

    We went to Audee restaurant which was located at the heart of Georgetown ~~ Burmah Road...At first glance in the day the restaurant was just normal but in the evening....GOSH...I believe the place will be able to pamper all the diners who urge for such an atmosphere....
    You can get to dine and wine and enjoy the jazz musical...hmmmm...
    We reached there about 730pm....and the placed was light up purrrrfffeeccctly....

    Ample Parking with a car valet service

    We were greeted with a warm welcome and smile and then was ushered to our VIP place....=) called leh as it was isolated to one corner....

    As usual eveli 1 say cheeesee to "post for mia blog.."
    geng geng solli eh no intention to post ur faces but just wanna
    show the table setting =P

    We then were buzzly turning n turning the pages of the menu....eveli thing looked so well written till me oso dunno WTH all that fancy fancy ingriedient in that ended up 7 out of 8 we choosed the set dinner......

    Oh paiseh paiseh...the place was too lomantic...too dim
    to captured cleared pic..anyway this is I curi curi asked the waiter to
    bring me back after order placed when he buzzzy serving us
    gua mai cipat cipat click click.....hehehehehhee


    Beer Batter Soft Shell Crab w/Spicy Thai Sauce,
    Seafood Salad, & Rocket Salad with Italian Dressing

    Tips: that green green leaves can eat
    not for decoration nia~~REALLY we sapu habis
    all of the dish =P


    Soup of the day....(fatt mo soup =p)


    Stuffed chicken with Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce
    Served with Saute Udon, Enoki Mushroom & Vegetables


    Pan Fried Salmon Darne with Gratined Potato, Grilled Vegetables
    and Mushroom Cream sauce


    Char Grilled Ribeye Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce
    Served with grilled Vegetables & Rosemary Sweet Potato


    Tempura Prawn with spaghetti, Mushroom, Olive, Zucchini
    in Chili Cream Sauce


    Vanilla Creme Brulee & Espresso Cream Brulee
    Served with Green tea Ice Cream

    Green Tea Ice Cream???? Hhhehehh no tipu ni really got one
    just that day the chef tukar recipe...we get Vanilla instead...
    with some "lok kok chau mia batang" & roti canai =P


    Coffee OR Tea

    While enjoying our dinner....we have the ala jazz singers....came to sang some songs to our butt day gal...errr...first they sang BYE BYE LOVE....GOSH...KNN ppl butt day they ssng this kinda of song...ada pulak chorus : Bubbyee Bubbbyeee Love, Bubbbye Bubbye happiness...HELLO LONELINESS I THINK I'M GONNA DIE FUCK!!!

    Some more came that time...we planned to give suprise to butt day gal...they go and say we will wait for your butt day cake...then we sing...luckly ada sorang gua mia frenz pandai acting...buat kenyik kenyik the singers oso ada received signal larr....then just sang the songs nia ah

    Next we tarak syiok and puas hati, asked them to come and act again....this time with the cake & flowers presented....(NOT bake or arranged by the restaurant ~~ we all beli kat island mouse mia)

    Here they came to sang AGAIN...this time sang butt day song ala jazz modified by them a bit from the normal butt day song larr....Ohhhh they do sang a couple other songs...~~ Yippie Yippie YAH YAH ....Everything I do, I do it for U....err got or noe...???? =P

    After finished our dinner....we cha bo geng as usual KPC + sua pa kau went and explored the place....

    Al Fresco Dining

    Open Kitchen

    The Wine Cellar ~~More then 250 labels of wines
    to choose from

    Oppppssss, there's a so called look a like pub area for was fully occupied so me no captured pic of it looo =( but it's really a nice place..with the cozy sourounding and nice sofa....=) with band playing songs....

    HaPpy ButT dAy ~~ LuAn...hOPe u Njoy & hAve FuN
    tHat NiTe


    We ended up in BED with this lucky guy =P
    for the next outing....YEAH!!!

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    SeX fOr MeDicAl clAim....

    It's another weekend for most but to me is WORK STRESS DEADLINES, WORK STRESS DEADLINES, WORK STRESS DEADLINES ......never ending !!!

    So to get this blog going and not STRESSED out for being left something for a big laugh...

    This is a story revolve around Ah Lien & Seng Ko....
    Ah Lien and Seng Ko lived next to each other....namely neighbour la dia pa....

    One day Ah Lien & Seng Ko arrange an appointment with a sex therapist at ABC hospital... Upon reaching the office of the sex therapist, they were called in to meet the doc....

    Doc: What can I do for you?

    Seng Ko: Will you watch Ah Lien & me ush ush ah...we need your expert analysis?

    Doc: *blink blink eyes Okey puzzly agreed.

    After 30 mins later Seng Ko & Ah Lien finished their business ....

    Doc: I don't see anything wrong with the way you ush ush and she ah may go now....

    Seng Ko and Ah Lien left the doc office and paid RM60.00 ....
    This happened several weeks in a row. Seng Ko & Ah Lien would make an appointment, have intercourse with no problems, pay the doctor and then leave. Finally one day....when they returned to see the doc....

    Doc: Eh Seng Ko gua mianyak pening lar...every weeks lu mari sama tu Ah Lien, just exactly what lu trying to find out or show me ah?

    Seng Ko: No ah no ah, we tarak want to find out anything. I tell u ah ...tu Ah Lien, sudah married and we can't go to her house.... and me also married and we can't go to my house. Shangri-la Penang charges RM250.00, Tg Bungah hotel charges RM280.00, Crown Prince charges RM230.00. So we do it here for RM60.00, cheaper... sum more can get that back from Medical Claim mah....

    Doc: Bingung......

    =P Muahahhahahahahahha

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    mIlk miLk befOre bEdtiMe

    After 2 days of MC and lazying at back to work today.
    Mai hai...moment reached the office I got SHOCK superb whole cube was full of "SHIT"....tones of it....Get me almost 8pm before I can finished cleaning up that mess....

    Walking out to the car park...the evening clouds was darn bootiful....I never manage to get the glimpse of the purplish pinkish orangish bluisshhh skies since got the job here in my **** co.
    Too bad me doesn't have my camera to capture that wonderful scene...and my mobile sum more tarak camera.

    Leaving the car park i keep hearing ~~~"yeah yeah yeah camera phone no camera phone..." NOT my voice lar of coz...KNN iblis megacau pikiran...the voice keep kacauing me & forcing me
    thinking...MCB work like hell still can't afford to buy a camera phone! Still using a darn old phone which only can receive calls and sends sms, lagi teruk mau play the duck duck mp3 oso can't...
    Apa lagi now days all the mui mui zhai, Ko Ko zhai who still skooling can get a phone with bluetooth, camera, able to play MP3 BUT me this ah ee....CAN'T AFFORD it....!!! feeling sick me just drove off ....

    Half way me stop to ta pau....some wan ton mee...reaching the place gua mia blood lagi berbuih buih when I saw along the shops there, bootiful lanterns was hanging there....AND AGAIN I CAN'T capture it....(*thinking if can then I can blog about the mooncake festival lar b4 Kenny Sia did...muahhaha...kiasu lar me)

    Ended up me reached home telan in the won ton mee + 4 teeny weeny won ton + 5 hiris char sui + 2 helai sawi, then get a bath n onn my laptop again (okay ni laptop bukan hak milik gua.......) as usual every night before bedtime...need lar me to left my footprints sama gua punya fav bloggers' site... check out Ang Gu Gu's site as he left me a comments ...thought he is back wanna say hi but seems not

    Second me check out the UB's site...see he got complete his 6 random's tag ...tarak lagi...seems he mau kena d...wait I see him , I cuci kau kau.

    Then visited sifu Wingz's site....learn Ah Pek can be so geng chau at 8o's, batang buleh naik banyak kali....

    Fourth me chit chat chit chat sama Kenny...then get know he ada penyakit.....lepas drunk can craps out a good me ask for petua petua....

    Last but not least me visited tu Ah Nel mia site....mata hampir terbeliak...stomach hampir hancur...when saw dia post banyak foods...walau eh....malam malam buta at 12.30a tengok this kinda of thing memang gua caci kau kau....DAMMIT...

    Without thinking much, me grab my milk milk and suck suck suck.....SYIOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK baru puas hati gua....


    Wei u olang think of's My DUTCH LADY MILK lar......Susu Chocolate yang penuh lemak dan berkrim kaya dengan protein, calcium dan vatamin B2

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Crocodile hunter Irwin KILLED by stingray wanna blog about this today while on MC....but fucking wifi can't work, network connection DOWN..been spending hours to fix it.....

    Now oni CAN WORK...!!!! no MOOD liao to check it out lar at Wingz's site.......

    Among all the animals the HUNTER KING played with...he DIED coz of stingray...2gether we bow and pray for STEVE....RIP...

    Saturday, September 02, 2006


      This is dedicated to all who put a smile and brighten up my days....with all your wishes =) Kamsiah...10 u.....telima kasih....xie xie.....mmmm koi....oh

      heheeheh this is not my present la.....
      just wanna show some of my teddies collection nia =)

      Just got ADOPTED yesterday...=) It's a gift from a bunch of colleagues...
      THANKS Koko, May2, Luan, Cindy, Selvam, Cengie, SJ, Merce, Siew2

      Thanks to all for giving me such a wonderful "SURPRISE" & good promised not to blog on what's happened behind the scene...since it's a courtesy to kamsiah ppl with sincerity. guys need to brush up your acting skills oh..& well plan...keekekkekeke =P

      My Buffalo Day received wishes:

      Happy Birthday
      By New Kids on the Block

      H@pPy bIrrrtThHhh...D@y, Ir3nE!!!:it's happy birday to u first
      H@pPy bIrrrtThHhh...D@y, Ir3nE!!!:it's ur birthday eve today

      chuan -- ?..: happy Birthday

      Meh Lee: Happy Birthday to my sweet girl

      Siew Siew: Just wanna wish u again ‘ HAAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘ !!!!! remember…ages just a number…(heheheh…) REMEMBER TO GO TO THE MOST HAPPENING PLACE TOMORROW FOR YR BIRTHDAY YA !!!!!

      Yan: CA Trip.. hehe says: Happy Birthday to U
      HAppy biRTHDAY to U
      hAppY BirthDAY TO LENG LUI SIs

      ST: A basket full of prayer, cares, loves special send to special person like you. Happy B’day….have a great day. God bless u always. Take cares

      Sis & Bro-in-law: Happy Birthday to you! Hope we got it first and hope this time you receive the card. Wishing you the best year ahead !!

      ah nel : just know its ur birthday today... Happy Happy always ya... :)

      Percy: Happy B'day

      Miin Yeow: Birthday gIRl, let me have a song to you 1st,
      * happy birthday to u,
      happy birthday to u,
      happy birthday to lovely lrene,
      wish u all the best and always pretty forever..yeaH!:>
      best wishes to you, and wish u happy and healthy always.
      KISS you.. Muaz............

      Buttercup: HaPpy bIrdDAy…Blossom!!!

      Kenny : lyn birdday ah? okok... hapi birdday to u LYN... kekekeke

      chee cheng: happy birthday

      Cengie: Happy bird day dear

      Vamp ke: Happy BiRtHdaY to U….
      hAppY bIrtHdaY to U…
      HaPpy birthday happy BiRthDaY…
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Irene chin aka kiam hu
      Hehe happy bday n wish tat al ur dreams wld cum true n always b leng lui la


      Mom: Happy Birthday 2 u. May God Bless U in d yet 2 come. Wish! cos wishes r alive

      Darren: happy birthday ah jie

      Aaron: To my dearest friend just send u a message to wish you happy birthday.
      Have an enjoyable birthday celebration

      Ling: Happy birthday

      To b Continued......

      SEPT 4 '06:

      Soli dan Ampun beribu ribu ampuan gua harap di ampun if some of your message did not show up here...bloody hell this blogspot....I've been deleting and repost n delete n repost n delete n repost...till countless time to just get this UP with no ERROR...

      Geez...been down with a REAL headache after the BIG night...
      My eyes seems wanna pop out coz of the dizziness
      My throat is totally swollen
      My skin get rashes....all over..
      My stomach bloated....
      My br*** swollen....
      My neck fucking stiff
      My....ahhhh all not feeling well..JUZ one WORD...I AM DOWN DOWN DOWN...

      Check out the ROOT CAUSED:

      The SPECIAL mixed up COCK TAIL
      the ONLY & ONE that can make u go on MC!!

      Wanna RUN from work..check out the recipe

      1) Pipe water
      2) 1 can sea coconut (per the consumption amount n size of the drinker)
      3) 1 can lychee (per the consumption amount n size of the drinker)
      4) 2 lemons
      5) 2-3 cans of beer (according to preferences....)
      6) 1 bottle of ribena
      7) 1 bottle of 1.5ml 7-up
      8) 1 bottle of 1.5ml 100 plus (errr hehehhee I make this up, as i think gonna taste better with it more ummpphhhh)

      1) Dump and throw the ingredients in...within 5 secs.....that is...
      2) Last but not least...get a big FROZEN ice...and dump it in too..

      WOILAAAAAAAAAA now you have the "COCK TAIL MCB" drink...gulp 5 cups of it..together with RED wine...& be at cloud 9...tiada kata seindah gambar...(errr...ada ini peribahasa kah??)


      No 1 SOUP.....

      1) Cili padi ~~ it should be more then 9 as spotted GUESS all must tenggelam lar..Bottom line....masuklar seperaba minyak...the more the merrier larr =P

      1) Not available....right protected to the cook ah...want it invite me for a pot luck , then you can taste it oh !! =)

      Last BUT not LEAST:
      You NEED to play with a MUST to complete the cycle and get YOUR MC...

      HOW to play .....???
      To be continued...after i recover OH..

      GUESS WHAT THE FUCK is this
      and you will ATTRACTIVE PRIZE!!!!

      THE ANSWER.....





















      It's a LABBIT BALOON..

      No winner .....of the guessing game BUT since Kenny had it almost near the answer... I cin cai cin cai consider it as 2nd runner up lar....

      Wei Kenny...grab your prize below lah....AND BE PROUD to have a copy of it...Susah susah mia post ni....=P