Thursday, August 31, 2006

6 RaNdOm fActs 'bOuT mE

Aiyahh thought today MERDEKA day can get a rest and really celebrate the freedom to rest....oh mana tau...early early morning my phone keep ringing and ringing, call from office..WTH non stop calling even I ignore it..

Then syiok syiok watching tv, tak pasal kena tag by Ah Nel = (
Now I need to get my brain working for the 6 tags....aiyahhh Ah Nel oh Ah Nel.....

1) Coffee...Coffee...Coffee...~~ That's what my default morning drinks before kick off to work, else I will die on the way to work

2) Chili....Chili...Chili....~~ That's my default food too...ANYTHING without it I will die too....I rather have my stomach fighting inside and lau sai the next day then to go without it !!!!

3) MCB...MCB....MCB...~~ My new dictonary words..Okay not that I don't know this words exist BUT I used it more often now in every of my IM message...and it's been at the top of the chart NOW..over riding the old KNS words....hahahahhaah

4) Horror....Horror...Horror~~ I LURP LURP horror movie...any MOVIE involved KILLING KILLING KILLING, TORTURING TORTURING TORTURING..EATING EATING EATING will be my cup of tea....muahahahahh all my frenz frenz said I physco.....errr I oso have the kid side of self I LURP CARTOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN too =p

5) R.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.H.I.P~~ I will love that someone sooooooo deeply if the "FEELS" exist. The longest I hold the feeling for someone is 9yrs... =o(

6) Pheww LAST BUT NOT LEAST~~I don't like to SLEEP....too much sleep make me not active..the more activities I have, the more ENERGECTIC I become...that's make my frenz wonder too!! What kinda of person I AM ! =/

Now sudah habis tulis was thinking this is more like a CONFESSION then a RANDOM FACTS muahahahahhaha....okok my turn to tag tag ppl liao.
Here we go....jeng jeng jeng....drum rolling......Our luckiest Blogers are:

@~~ Rojaks Daily lar who else

@~~ Kenny Ng

@~~ Unansweredbleakness
this guy again....Nv give up tag him till he really blog..hahah (using FORCE here)

More to come when I think about it hahahah get to rest d =)

Friday, August 25, 2006

How un-Malaysian I am?

Hahahha with MERDEKA along the corner, there's so many funny and exciting blog created out there by all the GREAT bloggers..One of it of course is the WELL KNOWN & MY ALL TIME favourite blogger ...KENNY SIA...check out his latest creation of How Un-Malaysian Are You?

Below are my results WOW...GUY SEBASTIAN muahahahahahhah!!!

Congratulations Lyn , you are 58% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Guy Sebastian !

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Puisi Bulan M.E.R.D.E.K.A

ATTENTION: Puisi ini semata mata untuk penghiburan sekalian. Ia tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang masih hidup, separuh mati ataupun yang ada planning mau mati. Oleh sebegitu janganlar kait kan dengan gua punya blog kalau ade ade yang terbaca & menghadapi situasi yang sebegini...Enjoy lar sekalain adek2,abong2,kakak,datuk2,nenek2,YB2...alah etc etc larrr

8 hali lagi tiba la OGOS 31
Hari mulia yang kita patut bersatu
Bersama sama kita countdown hari itu
Sebabnye tu hali kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu

Tunku Abdul Rahman kita olang patut thank u
Kalau tade beliau takde lar hari itu
Mali adek adek abang abang kito berpusu
Pergi celebrate hari bersejarah buat Tunku

Berkibar kibar jalur gemilang di papan pintu
Berkobar kobar semua hati olang dan daku
Tersenyum lebor mulut dah lar tu
Kerana seronok dapat cuti dan berbulan madu

Melayu, Cina dan India janganleh berbaling batu
Kerana kito sama sama anak Tanah Melayu
Biarlar kito lupakan dendam dalam hati tu
Berjabat jabat tangan lar tanda bersejutu

Gua masih berperah otak mau kasi puisi bagus
Terpikir pulak keaadan malaysia sekarang dalam news
Harap harap hali tu tiada shocking news
Bomb sini , bomb sana rape sini, rape sana

Janganlar pikor Malaysia takde news bagus
Adanye proton kebanggaan dah cukup bagus
Disana disitu tengok ia berlalu
Dipandu rakyat Malaysia dengan laju

Eventhough harga minyak berlambung lambung
Kito orang masih mampu join golf membor
Politik kacau bilau lagi satu issue
Again di Malaysia masih tenteram no issue

Badwi Mahathir jangalah bertekak sama sendiri
Kerano ni tarak bagus di lihat mata dunia
Mahathir biorlar Badawi mengharung kempimpinannye sendire
U duduk lar rumah menikmati pencen duit sendire.

Oleh sedemekian tuan tuan dan puan puan
Mali lar ramai ramai kito berjuang dan melaung
Hidup lar MALAYSIA dan slogannye sebagai lamabang

Now tiba lar masa gua mau tag olang olang below
Untuk terus kan semangat kermerdekaan ini
Tiada lupa jugak gua sama sifu
Rojak daily
Kerananye lar gua ada idea ini.

Below olang olang yg kena tag
Ini cuma untuk fun fun aje
Marilah kalian main main along
Main main sini sorang fun takde:

kAnzAk1's corner ~~Kennysia~~ Unansweredbleakness~~as time pass by

Rules: kalau anda kena tag tu...pergilar tag balik 3 org hang suka (okok gua suka tag 4 olang guat tag lar). ha lepai tu bagi tau diaorg yang hang tag them so they bulehlar join the FUN.Jangan marah kalau ada yg kena lempar kata kata cilaka...anggaplar org tu takde sporting lar..

Sunday, August 20, 2006

HoMe cOOk fOoD

=)..Yummy yummy...
It's been ages since I have tasted a home cook food...everyday either "tau pau" from the only nearest stall, or fast food on way back from home...the least will get a home cook maggie....

BUT not today.It's a sunny SUN, I got invited by R.Chef for lunch.
Menu of the day:

Heart of "siao pai chai" in Oyster sauce

Winter melon herbal soup

Mixed ingredient fried egg
(Hahhaa don't even know the ingredient)

Beef Pork rendang curry with overly cooked
egg plant and lady finger =)
though don't get to see all the ingredient but it TASTED good !!

Here the cast behind the scene (*identity and name had been changed to protect their expertise) of this WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL & INCUR POOL (err what this word mean???? ...have no idea,it's some word I learned from my art class sifu ..rhyme leh!!) evening:

Upon arrival, I was greeted by their PRO...
*Lily chieh aka sis in engrish.She obtained a 5 yrs of
experience in public relationship.First started as
GRO before moved to this career!!!

Next is the waitress cum dishwasher, *Mei Lan...
fresh graduate!!!

Last but not least....OF COZ is the CHEF lar
*Ah Fook specialised in mix food recipes (fave: Tomato sauce)
& had total of 12 yrs expericence.
Winner recipes: maggie mixed with tuna,
fried rice mixed with tomato sauce&????? (secret ingredient)

To be frank I don't get to interview the chef myself....the above details of course obtained from the one and only PRO....she was entertaining me as usual while waiting for the food to be served..
Will try to get a schedule to interview the chef in future OH...=o)

THANK YOU Ah Fook for the great lunch!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'vE BeEn SPAMMED laTelY....

Just recently I've been spammed by some sickening asshole who are so chicken out to use his/her name to drop all those message in my chat box..since this is ain't something I enjoy to blog about, me gonna make a short note to all the BLOGGERS out there...BEWARE....

This older list..for recent list scroll tru the chat box

17 Aug 06, 00:14
6:looks like pig

17 Aug 06, 00:14
6:whose ugly blog is this with ugly face?

17 Aug 06, 00:09

17 Aug 06, 00:09

17 Aug 06, 00:09

17 Aug 06, 00:09

17 Aug 06, 00:09

17 Aug 06, 00:09

16 Aug 06, 22:41

16 Aug 06, 22:41

16 Aug 06, 22:41

16 Aug 06, 22:40

16 Aug 06, 22:40

16 Aug 06, 22:40

16 Aug 06, 22:39
g: 7

16 Aug 06, 22:39
g: 6

16 Aug 06, 22:39
g: 5

16 Aug 06, 22:39
g: 4

16 Aug 06, 22:39
f: f

16 Aug 06, 22:39
e: e

16 Aug 06, 22:39
d: d

16 Aug 06, 22:39
c: c

16 Aug 06, 22:38
b: b

16 Aug 06, 22:38
a: a
16 Aug 06, 22:37
ss: grade 3 hair on low grade face

16 Aug 06, 22:36
ss: ss

WTH...using all the numeric to identify himself/herself. Check this out at one of my Fav Bloggers site....Rojak Daily She been Threatened & Sabotage too!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


aiyahhh this is REALLY a long long long tiring list I need to come out with...just because i INSULTED B***k** LEE to make it up..and SHOW my SINCERITY to *** LEE I spend my WHOLE NIGHT creating this purposely...for the ONE and ONLY ***2~~~@

:) :-) :> **Smiling, happy faces; don't take me too seriously
;) ;-) ;> **Winking happy faces
B-) **Smiling face from a person wearing glasses
8-) **Smiley with big eyes...perhaps wearing contact lenses
8-( **Unhappy smiley
:D :-D **Laughter
:-o **"Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill)/ User singing National anthem/Surprise/shocker
:-(**Sad or disappointed face
:-P :-r :-f Tongue stuck out
:-J**Tongue in cheek
:-#**Censored/User wears braces
:-$**Message indicating person is ill
:-& **Tongue tied/eating spaghetti
:-* :-x**Blowing a Kiss.../After eating something bitter or sour
:-(=)**Big teeth
<:-)**Dumb questions
:^)**3/4 view of person with elf-type sharp nose
:*) **I'm drunk
:-{#}**teasing people about their braces
&:-)**curly hair
@:-)**wavy hair/Elvis
#:-)**matted hair
O:-)**Angel/acting innoncent
) :-) )-: **Masking theatrical comments
:-K-**Formally dressed
<:>==**A turkey
O:O**A girl is mooning you
@*&$!%**You know what that means...
(O--< **A fishy message...
@}->-- @>+-+-- --<---@**A rose.
(-_-)**Secret smile
(.)(.)**big boobs
:/)**Not funny
:-)))**big smile/I'm overweight
:->**Sarcastic remarks
:-c**Real unhappy
:-< **Frowning/ Mad/Upset
:-}**Crooked Smile
:-7**after a wry statement
(@ @)**You're kidding!
:-w**Speak with forked tongue
:-1 :-,**Smirks
<:-O**User just saw a mouse, Eeek!
:-T**Keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)
:-y**Speaking doubtfully
:'-( :~-( :~(~~~**Crying
:-).... :-)~~~**Drool
:~)**I might sneeze
:-?**Smoking a pipe
:-8**Talking out both sides of your mouth
o=**A burning candle for flames
-= **A doused candle to end a flaame
.-)**one eye :-:**mutant
**The invisible smilie (muahahhahah)
:<)**User is a blabber mouth
:^{**For those with mustaches
8*)**Smile with glasses and moustache
B*)**Smile with Moustache and Designer Sunglasses!
:<)=**those with beards too
:-=)**Older user with mustache
:-#**User with bushy mustache
.... (>_<) ....**Eminem
~~`\o/`~~ **Drowning user
18XX Column
[ ]=====================D**pennis
(_))===D~~ **Male ejaculation
\!/**A male lying on his back with legs spread
\*/**A female lying on his back with legs spread
AlA **Madonna's cleavage
( + )( + )**Fake silicone breasts
(*)(*)**High nipple breasts
(@)(@)**Big nipple breasts
{ O }{ O }**D cups
(oYo)**Wonder bra breasts
( ^ )( ^ )**Cold breasts
(_<>_)**An ass ready for action!
(_^?_)**Neat shaven ass
(_^_)**A bubble ass
(_^^_)**A bubble ass
(_*_)**A sore ass
(_!__)**A lop-sided ass
{_!_}**A swishy ass
(_O_)**An ass that's been around even more
(_$_)**This ass will cost you
(_/_)**An asian ass
(_~_)**A latin ass
(_x_)**Kiss my ass
(_X_)**Leave my ass alone
(_#_)**Pound my ass
(_##_)**Pound my ass even harder's 11:43p, blur blur d...still haven't managed to complete the list...puhhhhhhhhhleaaaaaaaseeeeeee someone please help me to complete..POST your smileys if you have any....
P/S: Learn more of this acronyms at Kenny's side...=P

Monday, August 14, 2006

ALl yOu cAn fInd In MaLaySia ~~ haVinG fiNanCiAl proBlem??

Over budget...over budget...over all I can hear in my brain for this month.. Totally get myself in bankrupt mode...

Just early this month spent RM256 to service and fix my car. Clearing up my credit card debt of RM610 so that I can continue to swapped for RM2K+. With all the SALE going on's DAMN so tempting...ended up I spent almost RM1K extra out of my monthly expenses of RM300...WOW that is HUGE... !!!

Just when I am in the state of choking myself to death....I finally FOUND the SOLUTION when my friend handed this to me. Bell ringing in my head: Think no no more...worry no more....the "Ah Loong" is here to HELP !! =p Lallalalallalallala

Wow believe it or not this is really one good solution provided...
INI kad serupa finanace....(SHIT) do they really mean FINANCE or what...? =&

Reading further down I noted "Serupa pinjam satu ribu, satu bulan bayar dua ratus lebih, bayar lima bulan atau enam bulan, hutang sudah habis....(hmmm can think of it huh!~~borrow RM1K, just pay RM200+ monthly for 5 to 6 months...your debt will pay off...WOW u tell me ada kasi ni macam meh???)

Ohhh the best part is yet to come when I turned over the card...GOSH there's a calendar..*SMILING... Heheheeh can track PMS cycle....OR....*scrathing my head...GOSH this is specially designed to help US organized our loan pay date... (what a good service by them =D *2 thumbs up!!!)

Googling around for further information on them.....I found this: The first phrase captured my attention was WE ARE SELLING AH LOONG APPLICATION SOFTWARE !!! WAIT !!! are they kidding me??? Me click click.... scrolling down... help you manage your loan account nicely.

Why use our product ?

- Easy to used
- Fast in processing
- No paper works
- Data is protected
- Instant variety reports
(Walau wonder they are so high tech..can print the calendar.)
- The most important Due Date Report will not lose any collection payment on due.

Minimum System Requirement
Pentium 4
128 RAM
Windows XP SP2

Optional Software
Microsoft Office Crystal Report (you can customize your own reporting)

"GENG" the new potential business....had expend itself in Malaysia...... =D =D =D
For those small Ah Loong chai...NO capital to invest on this software....????? No worries.....all is being well taken care of.....just opt for this application form for your customer =P

Ah Loong for's a handy information for ya:

Don't like to read ...then listen to thier advertisment larrr...

AH-HA - Ah Long Bukit Beruntung

Sunday, August 13, 2006

HaPpY bIrtHday Our dEAreSt "MuI muI zhAi"

This was dedicated to our new recruit member....WELCOME to the "mentally unstable" club !!

how I miss mine =(

Duet song from Relau idol ~~ WOW see this mui mui zhai just turned
21 sudah naik gairah, aiyah I wonder what she gonna be then after !!

Do he sounds SUCKSSS till need to protect his identity??

Hahahha everyone can't remember the lyrics =)

Chee Cheng having a sweet moments !

Sorry oh aunties & uncle no $ just can afford this

Mui Mui Zhai really easy to satisfied
happy with a slice of cake

Ouucchchhhh my head feels pain

YEAHHHH finally get May2 on camera

Monday, August 07, 2006

nEw stYle.....
Been lazy lately haven't get anything to blog about..EXCEPT I got a new hair style...