Sunday, August 20, 2006

HoMe cOOk fOoD

=)..Yummy yummy...
It's been ages since I have tasted a home cook food...everyday either "tau pau" from the only nearest stall, or fast food on way back from home...the least will get a home cook maggie....

BUT not today.It's a sunny SUN, I got invited by R.Chef for lunch.
Menu of the day:

Heart of "siao pai chai" in Oyster sauce

Winter melon herbal soup

Mixed ingredient fried egg
(Hahhaa don't even know the ingredient)

Beef Pork rendang curry with overly cooked
egg plant and lady finger =)
though don't get to see all the ingredient but it TASTED good !!

Here the cast behind the scene (*identity and name had been changed to protect their expertise) of this WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL & INCUR POOL (err what this word mean???? ...have no idea,it's some word I learned from my art class sifu ..rhyme leh!!) evening:

Upon arrival, I was greeted by their PRO...
*Lily chieh aka sis in engrish.She obtained a 5 yrs of
experience in public relationship.First started as
GRO before moved to this career!!!

Next is the waitress cum dishwasher, *Mei Lan...
fresh graduate!!!

Last but not least....OF COZ is the CHEF lar
*Ah Fook specialised in mix food recipes (fave: Tomato sauce)
& had total of 12 yrs expericence.
Winner recipes: maggie mixed with tuna,
fried rice mixed with tomato sauce&????? (secret ingredient)

To be frank I don't get to interview the chef myself....the above details of course obtained from the one and only PRO....she was entertaining me as usual while waiting for the food to be served..
Will try to get a schedule to interview the chef in future OH...=o)

THANK YOU Ah Fook for the great lunch!!!


limcheecheng said...

The rendang looks good! And I missed wintermelon soup so much.

And the Ah Fook looks familiar leh!

**L-Y-N** said...

muahahahahaa..the rending ACTUALLY hor it's ok ok nia...I got talent that is y captured so nice....muahahahhaha...

Eh u know Ah Fook kar? Mai siau siau WELL KNOWN CHEF oh =p