Saturday, September 02, 2006


    This is dedicated to all who put a smile and brighten up my days....with all your wishes =) Kamsiah...10 u.....telima kasih....xie xie.....mmmm koi....oh

    heheeheh this is not my present la.....
    just wanna show some of my teddies collection nia =)

    Just got ADOPTED yesterday...=) It's a gift from a bunch of colleagues...
    THANKS Koko, May2, Luan, Cindy, Selvam, Cengie, SJ, Merce, Siew2

    Thanks to all for giving me such a wonderful "SURPRISE" & good promised not to blog on what's happened behind the scene...since it's a courtesy to kamsiah ppl with sincerity. guys need to brush up your acting skills oh..& well plan...keekekkekeke =P

    My Buffalo Day received wishes:

    Happy Birthday
    By New Kids on the Block

    H@pPy bIrrrtThHhh...D@y, Ir3nE!!!:it's happy birday to u first
    H@pPy bIrrrtThHhh...D@y, Ir3nE!!!:it's ur birthday eve today

    chuan -- ?..: happy Birthday

    Meh Lee: Happy Birthday to my sweet girl

    Siew Siew: Just wanna wish u again ‘ HAAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘ !!!!! remember…ages just a number…(heheheh…) REMEMBER TO GO TO THE MOST HAPPENING PLACE TOMORROW FOR YR BIRTHDAY YA !!!!!

    Yan: CA Trip.. hehe says: Happy Birthday to U
    HAppy biRTHDAY to U
    hAppY BirthDAY TO LENG LUI SIs

    ST: A basket full of prayer, cares, loves special send to special person like you. Happy B’day….have a great day. God bless u always. Take cares

    Sis & Bro-in-law: Happy Birthday to you! Hope we got it first and hope this time you receive the card. Wishing you the best year ahead !!

    ah nel : just know its ur birthday today... Happy Happy always ya... :)

    Percy: Happy B'day

    Miin Yeow: Birthday gIRl, let me have a song to you 1st,
    * happy birthday to u,
    happy birthday to u,
    happy birthday to lovely lrene,
    wish u all the best and always pretty forever..yeaH!:>
    best wishes to you, and wish u happy and healthy always.
    KISS you.. Muaz............

    Buttercup: HaPpy bIrdDAy…Blossom!!!

    Kenny : lyn birdday ah? okok... hapi birdday to u LYN... kekekeke

    chee cheng: happy birthday

    Cengie: Happy bird day dear

    Vamp ke: Happy BiRtHdaY to U….
    hAppY bIrtHdaY to U…
    HaPpy birthday happy BiRthDaY…
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Irene chin aka kiam hu
    Hehe happy bday n wish tat al ur dreams wld cum true n always b leng lui la


    Mom: Happy Birthday 2 u. May God Bless U in d yet 2 come. Wish! cos wishes r alive

    Darren: happy birthday ah jie

    Aaron: To my dearest friend just send u a message to wish you happy birthday.
    Have an enjoyable birthday celebration

    Ling: Happy birthday

    To b Continued......

    SEPT 4 '06:

    Soli dan Ampun beribu ribu ampuan gua harap di ampun if some of your message did not show up here...bloody hell this blogspot....I've been deleting and repost n delete n repost n delete n repost...till countless time to just get this UP with no ERROR...

    Geez...been down with a REAL headache after the BIG night...
    My eyes seems wanna pop out coz of the dizziness
    My throat is totally swollen
    My skin get rashes....all over..
    My stomach bloated....
    My br*** swollen....
    My neck fucking stiff
    My....ahhhh all not feeling well..JUZ one WORD...I AM DOWN DOWN DOWN...

    Check out the ROOT CAUSED:

    The SPECIAL mixed up COCK TAIL
    the ONLY & ONE that can make u go on MC!!

    Wanna RUN from work..check out the recipe

    1) Pipe water
    2) 1 can sea coconut (per the consumption amount n size of the drinker)
    3) 1 can lychee (per the consumption amount n size of the drinker)
    4) 2 lemons
    5) 2-3 cans of beer (according to preferences....)
    6) 1 bottle of ribena
    7) 1 bottle of 1.5ml 7-up
    8) 1 bottle of 1.5ml 100 plus (errr hehehhee I make this up, as i think gonna taste better with it more ummpphhhh)

    1) Dump and throw the ingredients in...within 5 secs.....that is...
    2) Last but not least...get a big FROZEN ice...and dump it in too..

    WOILAAAAAAAAAA now you have the "COCK TAIL MCB" drink...gulp 5 cups of it..together with RED wine...& be at cloud 9...tiada kata seindah gambar...(errr...ada ini peribahasa kah??)


    No 1 SOUP.....

    1) Cili padi ~~ it should be more then 9 as spotted GUESS all must tenggelam lar..Bottom line....masuklar seperaba minyak...the more the merrier larr =P

    1) Not available....right protected to the cook ah...want it invite me for a pot luck , then you can taste it oh !! =)

    Last BUT not LEAST:
    You NEED to play with a MUST to complete the cycle and get YOUR MC...

    HOW to play .....???
    To be continued...after i recover OH..

    and you will ATTRACTIVE PRIZE!!!!

    THE ANSWER.....





















    It's a LABBIT BALOON..

    No winner .....of the guessing game BUT since Kenny had it almost near the answer... I cin cai cin cai consider it as 2nd runner up lar....

    Wei Kenny...grab your prize below lah....AND BE PROUD to have a copy of it...Susah susah mia post ni....=P


    Alex Allied said...

    your nipples?

    Kenny Ng said...

    cow's tektek? wakakakaa... it's a baloon, mickey mouse mia baloon dah lari angin? LOL...

    Wingz said...

    your b***** also swollen??!!!! lemme rub rub for you to reduce the swollen-ness lol! *kidding oni hor*

    ah nel said...

    what had u done to ur nipple???lol...

    **L-Y-N** said...

    Wow....seems mia punya nipples is a selling point here eh....=)

    PROUD to have it !

    Kenny Ng said...

    aiyah... this kind of prize ah? i dunwan la... u keep to urself la... kekekeke

    **L-Y-N** said...

    Wei Kenny ni bukan sebarang ka cheng tau ah!!! bagi punggung mau pulak....*sensor...ah?