Sunday, August 13, 2006

HaPpY bIrtHday Our dEAreSt "MuI muI zhAi"

This was dedicated to our new recruit member....WELCOME to the "mentally unstable" club !!

how I miss mine =(

Duet song from Relau idol ~~ WOW see this mui mui zhai just turned
21 sudah naik gairah, aiyah I wonder what she gonna be then after !!

Do he sounds SUCKSSS till need to protect his identity??

Hahahha everyone can't remember the lyrics =)

Chee Cheng having a sweet moments !

Sorry oh aunties & uncle no $ just can afford this

Mui Mui Zhai really easy to satisfied
happy with a slice of cake

Ouucchchhhh my head feels pain

YEAHHHH finally get May2 on camera

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