Thursday, June 29, 2006

L*Y*N befRiEnd KeNnY sIa
A happy Thurs morning <062906> a message replied from Kenny Sia...yes the one AND ONLY Kenny this blog is a tribute to him the amazing, funniest, creative, hillarious it whatever you wish...

He ain't a celebrity for those who "might not hear" about him (sounds silly...mostly would, I bet)

TO ME Kenny is more then a celebrities
(check out his site and you would agreed wif me)
.. *grin* I admit I would rather spend my buzzzy & quality time reading his news vs the actors & actress scandal!!!

You got to learn a GOOD deal out from it...Hehehhe...thinking of the CONDOM....he shared about kakakakkaka!! So take a look at this recognized him if you ain't know who HE is ...

Hmmmm guess I will send him another message to let him know.. to capture more n more n more n more pic, at least I have the options to choosed which one I like and paste it here...just to fit my blog space...and design..Huh!

Picture grabbed from


buttercup said...

an tao ba *_*

**L-Y-N** said...

=) u let him read this he SURELY happy till KI SIAO !!! muahhahaha