Thursday, June 08, 2006

fEeliNg sIcK & LoSt

Today am out from work, feeling sick...been in bed whole day. Migrane attacking me again causing me to vomit....and feeling uneasy...

Hate this kind of sickness. When it happened it's just grab away my energy and can't think straight. Leading to me feeling lost now...huh AGAIN??? I really seriously thinking, do I really have mental problem??? hahaha *sounds scary if anyone read this.

Lately been feeling lost again...anything just anything doesn't make me feel good at doing it, worst still I can't really bother about doing it at all....I keep pushing myself and reminding myself to try hard n harder to make life more meaningful yet it still doesn't work...what is happening here....???
Today I vow to at least carry out some of the following tasks:

- Continue to read the book which been meaning to complete it sometimes
- Spend time traveling home to see my parents
- Go to bed early
- Paint picture or anything I used to like
- Make some memories
- Exercise more, join dancing class or anything
- Spend more time with frenz
- Visit someone who is lonely....*guess I am the only one ppl shud visit
- Find time for myself
- Just sit and listen to still enrol in guitar class
- Get a massage
- Seek out forgotten frenz
- Sleep under the stars..spend whole nite at beach
- Laugh a little...
- Laugh a little more...
- Apologized for being too busy
- Swim
- Speak about love, build my trust in it
- Befriend silence * MOST IMPORTANT
- Watch sunset/sunrise
- Baked/Cook anything... *only if I know hahahaha
- Get a group of frenz together for a cup of coffee and hang out
- Traveling to places I longed to visit...
- Take scuba diving classes.....

Huh the list can go on n on n on...but will I ever get any of it in action....???? =(

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