Monday, June 26, 2006

mY wEeKeNd OuTing

Saturday ~*~ went out for a dinner at paya terubung, ordered myself a "jawa mee goreng". First time eating the ever spicy jawa mee goreng....yum yum it tasted so good...was it coz of the chilli or no comparison to do =) .... After feeding the hungry stomach which just got 2 "siew pao" the whole day, feeling satisified, we headed off to Bayview Beach hotel for the night out at the beach..joinning the crowd for beach party cum World Cup viewing organized by the HITZ.FM...

Whole day was raining thought it won't be that crowded but SURPRISE!! FOC stuffs..what you think leh....

Being like..."katak di bawa tempurung" I was walking towards the beach with eye balls keep rolling left right, left right...hehee too many people in aka beach style there..too excited !

Entering the gate, gosh...guess who I met "bootifuuuuuul" colleague..standing there talking over her mobile n GUESS what is she in....JEANSSSSSSSSSSS !! Oh NO NO ...thought this is a beach party... *better stop talking about her here... she might read this...or the other colleagues will (if they do, they better zip their mouth)

Strolling through the crowds, we trying to squeezed ourself thru to take a glimpse at the stage... a couple of DJ's was there...saw JLo, Joe, the 8Tv host (err what his name d) , group of the ladies crew wearing bikini...=) dancing on the stage, BESTTTTTTTTT ! (of coz excluded the one in black bikini with the "body oil" eyeweeeeee) guess she suits more in the Tamil movie...some more non stop juggling her "bak yui" there...

The night was fun...dancing, singing and enjoying the breeze...we hang out till 1am+ ...before left, time to send our CINDERALLA home...THANKS guys for the night out. Mentang mentang lo ah yee long time no party or clubbing...this one will do also lo!

Sunday ~*~ Woke up about 1p (quite early eh) after I snoozed off at 5.30a on Sat.

Dragged myself out from bed,take bath, make a coffee and ate 1 1/2 "kuih balu" (is it the right term, err don't care la). Logged on to my laptop and started to work.

4.45p feeling hungry, IM my friend for laksa, went out at 5.30p, picked my friend one after another.....ended up NO LAKSA for the day =(. Running out of time for our TOKYO DRIFT movie...drove back all the way to BJ. We bought ourself a ticket...stomach started growling and making we decided to grab McD before movie start.

Lucky day for the 4 of us, we get free chicken McDeluxe (2 eh). No different with the rest of greedy Malaysian.... (wei we have the blood flowing in us leh what you think ah) we kept it lar for our snacks later.

Of coz it's not me who took it..pray hard lar the one that ate it. Hopefully the stomach don't get upset tonight. =)
Opppsss I returned 1 of it to exchange for my McNuggets. Urged for much!! so no choice though just swollen a set of chicken McDeluxe. What to cholesterol level still not at HIGH RISK....heheeh proven report shown :

[ =) can enjoy more then McNuggets from now on!~~anxiously waiting for this report for almost 2 weeks, so pay back time TODAY]

7.15p get seated in the cinema...enjoy the relaxing time...watching the movie which nothing much then just a movie without a story but just cool shiny, loud, fast car and the chick..better then the one we saw at the beach !! Overall hands leg all up for this movie eh...

Bet...after this there'll sure be a Penang Drift at Teluk Bahang hahahaha =0)

check out the trailer at:

lots more about it at:


cinderalla said...

interesting story...but shouldn't it be CINDERELLA instead of CINDERALLA ?

Lyn said...

ooopppsss another mistake detected..kakakaka

cinderalla said...

hehehe... :) another mistake meh? err...din mean to correct u...just thought got new word :)