Saturday, July 01, 2006

mIssion AccOmplIshed

1100a: Woke up ~~ started to grab my laptop next to my saw my friend IM me during I am asleep kekeke ignore some of them (what I suppose to do, it's passed msg mah)
1130a: Still lazying on the bed, chatting with a frenz
1145a: Called up FL to see she interested to go Matta fair
(don't put much hope in it ~~ she another mental unstable gal)
Toot TooT...received msg
..(WOW real Fast =) ..when you least expect something you will awes get it haha)
FL:"Yea at home, where you want to go after matta fair?"
1150a: Exchanging sms...
1200p: Decided...going OUT
200p: Fetched FL with MY
230p: Have lunch (GOSH it's really a late lunch; MY was starving to death hehehe)
245p: Went to withdraw $
300p: Waiting outside the stupid maybank...some technicians repairing the machine
315p: Walked over to PBB to check my acct balance =( noted not much cash ....
318p: Still waiting for the technicians...
320p: Waited n waited n waited...get fedup, walked to the techicians
L: ecik, bila siap, lambat lagi ar?"
E: yeah yeah...lambat lagi

(shit...babi betul...tell ppl lar.....awal awal *mumbling)
330p: Droved off and went to Alliance Bank
345p: All machines DOWN !
(WTF...every machine oso down)
Drove to PISA...(whole placed crowded with auntee, unclee, ah chee, ah ko....)
415p: Parked my car after turning n turning n turning up the darkeness multilevel car park
....(what a sickening place....damn dark..)
Went to "Brothers" ~~ check out the car player... recommended by a frenz
430p: Make up my get my player...( a cheap -n- affordable player)

*Okay it's ain't superb as others..but I am REAL PROUD to have least it had several basics functions (detachable, manual dimmer, direct track access,tuner, multi-color LCD, can play MP3, CD, and even it's anti shock.... hehehe at LAST I don't have to drive in peace !)

435p: Leaving to drove my car down for several "gina kia" to help installed ...some conversation exchanged .....
GK:Aiye how come you don't come see me, I can get comission mah
L:OhOh same lar now I see you oso get wor. Eh eh go n drive my car down lar..ah ee "bo lat"
GK:Aiye shud look for me earlier can get comission mah
L:Now same wor....
GK:Bla bla bla bla...
L:Okey...I go take myself lar..
GK:NVM NVM NVM...come come I go, where where to take
L: *snatched back the car key walked off mumbling.....ah ee oso u want to play play...
Several GKsss: Huh what you ah ee, bla bla bla
...(oh least me ah ee oso gina kia can teased teased n interested to make conversation..sure lot will say ppl wanna make business sure la enterntain u...WHO CARE...I syiok buleh la)

Came down paid RM 400++ for this player...gee..
Walked to the PISA hall.... KSN kena paid entrance fees RM2
500p: Entered the hall started to collect brochures and gifts
....(Kiasu lar...sudah pay RM2 so need to collect as much possible mah...just to proof we too shown up at the fair)
Journey end at PISA hall washroom.....

Proof I am at the wash room....with my baloon teddy
(Got this after begging the clown to do it for me kakakkakaa)

620p: Took my car...AGAIN gina kia...non stop teasing hahaahha...even wanna get my mobile....
L:Wanna get my mobile???
GK:Yah yah, you dont' give hw to find you ah?
L:Track me down with my car no plate oh
...(ah ee try to raise her market value...CILAKA betul hehehe) ; Drove off Penang road.
Reached Penang road...parked the car ...(SHIT kena charge RM4 per entrance), heading towards the market...bought 5 packet of asam jawa...cost RM10 (not BAD)
740p: FL's stomach growling, (pura pura kok!- saja wanna eat) - ended up she gulp a bowl of all time fav PG road cendol
745p: Heading to our next destination....Sg Nibong bus station & BJ court
815p: Reached Sg Nibong bus my ticket to Spore....cost RM50 lagi and left.
820p: Reached BJ....turning n turning n turning up to the multilevel car park again
...(GOSH this time is better at's brighter)
Heading off to the mall...
FL get her spec fix, MY got her self a pair of jeans n me...get my gift box....n card last..all present ready for Mon

few samples of my own created earings..
okay okay it's not clear I know, will blog abt this once I get my a new digi cam ....

1000p: WOW it's 10p, we still stuck in the mall for the last rush hour search of FL's CDR...
1020p: Get out from the mall ...heading for Bayan Point..pheww gonna fill our empty hungry poor stomach
1030p: Dinner TIME..(yummy yummy yummy)
1130p: Stop by to joined the crowd for pirated DVDs CDs viewing(Eh...we ain't get any of it...we fully support ORI DVD & CD *cross my finger!!!)
1200p: Dropped FL & MY and bid both of them good nite.... (Left with happy and satisfied face...) 1215p: Reached home....take shower....n dropped myself to bed...

Mission Accomplished

for the day...=o)....smilingly snooozeed off to dreamland


buttercup said...

what a day... like your player from "Brother"... enjoy ur diary veli much....luuvvvv it. :) hmmmm, how can u still snap your picture while in dreamland? :O

**L-Y-N** said...

Kakakak that is what I call ..people borned with TALENT....