Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i dRoWneD a LiZaRd ~~in memorial of "Lizzy"

Gee I was supposed to write this yesterday, but just waiting for another day to see what karma can happen to me !! =) *smiling sheepishly....Ok Ok I ain't a bad person..come on I just drowned a lizard. It's not that big deal as I used to know someone who will hit and killed it. Comparing it with him....

Yes....it may sounds bad of me, but who knows it might live after being flush of to the bathroom hole. After all no one know whether are they capable of swimming..

I have a frenz who really believe in karma and believe if she did something bad, she will experience the karma in a day...Guess at least I waited till a day to laugh about it, after drowned Lizzy yesterday while taking my bath..

Eh...Lizzy really scared the hell out of me when I saw it lazying resting at the bathroom sink.
I really don't mean to drown it, just teaching it a lesson...by splashing the water and make it swim...seeing it swim just make me feel funny kekekekke so I decided to drown it....=)

I did thought of saving it but it was too eeeeeeeeeweeeeeee to touch...and the most is, it's been upside down struggling through the water...then...thinking it might be able to swim so ...there it goes...to the hole

I did pray for it last nite...and even mourn for it. Hey...after all this blog was tribute to it...so guess it will RIP. Hmmmm wondering should I make this as Lizzy anniversary..

Dear Lizzy,

I may not sound apologetic of what I did but I really do felt sorry. Actually I did asked my wise frenz, will there be any reborn in next life....Oh he told me, I might be born as an animal specifially stated as "Kiam Hu" aka Salted fish in my next life so guess this life you are lizard then you will be borned as a human....so this ain't bad at all huh.... ????

So RIP larrr......

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