Thursday, June 01, 2006

JuNE 1st

June 1st...what a good start of the month..the day which I will never forget, the most funniest and humiliated day in my entire life ! Hahahaha thinking of it now even make me giggle! Silly me...

It's the day "Sean" is being recognized by my whole "8" geng !

Sean was having his first new hair cut (He really looks weird and funny) and as usual I was updating a frenz of mine of my so called "my love". And just right during lunch time, they came to pick me up and being my usual self I was complaining about how the hair cut does not suit him and even worst with him wearing PINK colour shirt.....and bla bla bla...aiye as usual also none of them was paying attention to me...I supposed lah..till..we reached our destination.

*Thanks GOD for arranging we came out from the car, there was "my love" with his bunch of frenz. Even worst was 1 of my frenz happened to know him....GOSH ! There he shouted "hey buddy, what happened to your hair..." On the spot, another frenz of mine noted he was wearing the PINK colour shirt and straight shouting "OMG...don't tell me he is your love" SHIT.....paaaaaaaakkkkkkk there goes my hand on my frenz back and me jumping hysterically like a monkey...the hit was so loud that everyone sitting there was staring at me...blushing...(the worst impression to the crowd and most of all...Sean)

I was cursing myself the whole day for being so chatter box else none of this will happened.The worst is yet to come....without even realizing that actually my frenz don't quite get it that he is the one, even after the lunch time incident, I again..being too talkative...IM my frenz and asked how can he knew him and bla bla bla....then only to realized he was blur on the topic but it's too late...I have revealed my own secret ...the rest is history till NOW!

Lesson learned that day ....SILENCE IS GOLDEN!!!!

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