Wednesday, July 12, 2006

LyN gEt AwAy aT SiNgApOre

Some may wonder about my "missing in action" .....I've been to Singapore for a more then a week. Of course this is not my first trip but it just yet another trip here! Having lots of fun !

Arrived at Spore, got myself check through the custom, my sis n bro in law picked me up and headed home. Rested and started my 1st day journey.

Went to Causway point and get myself a minicure. Costing S$22 +S$8 (design). The service ain't that good compared to the one I got at Gurney mall. Too common here probably. Luckly I got it for FOC =) ~ my sis paid for it !!

At night spent S$17++ in Starbucks at Ochard...aiyah what an expensive meal...what to do my cousin pre-birthday celebration.

As usual my first intention is to visit Ang Mo Kio for my fav pig trotter aka "tu kah" ~~in hokkien respect the non chinese reading this I ain't gonna describe that in detail or have any other translation...just check out the pic to identified it.

Got caught up in traffic when heading to pick up my cousin (who don't eat "tu kah" or anything to do with "tu").Managed to snapped some pic while caught in the jam. Real long q. After picked up my cousin we headed off to Teck Ghee food court. This is where the best "tu kah" you ever find...yummy yummy....

Look for Eng Kee Bak Kut Teh stall. See what I mean, with those food award it got (pic above).
Errr...don't ask me about the "Bak Kut Teh" here. Never try that before. But if you love the taste of MSG then you may wanna try out. =) heard that is how the soup is like...

Total cost of our lunch = S$4 per bowl (excluded rice)

Next my 1st time visit to Jurong Bird Park ~~felt like never seen a bird before, guess I am the one that captured almost 3GB of pictures there...Get to "act" during the All Star Birdshow (me being the attention of the world) ~~Got another FOC admission ticket ...from my sis's co.

Admission+Pannorail ride (Adult =S$20&Child =S$10 (3-12yrs))
Admission (Adult =S$18&Child =S$10 (3-12yrs) : I would suggest you walk!!

Having a really really FUN Time !

Supper time : Went to Chomp Chomp at Serangoon Gardens Way....The food there NOT bad at all EXCEPT for the lime sugarcane juice...YUCKSSSS tasted more like a hand wash water for cleaning up serve after having seafood !

SuNdAy: BIG BIG BIG day for my Cousin...Sheryn "HaPPy BufFaLooo Day". Dine in at Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel for Asia buffet...WOW cost my sis total of S$132.90

MoNdAy: Canceled plan to Sentosa (raining oh!) ended up Shopping!! Shopping!! Shopping & Shopping - Great SALES in Spore =)

At night went to visit another animal zone (Night Safari) (seems my whole trip this time is visit animals animals and animals) Been wishing to visit since few years back but never get it accomplish till this trip. Trust me!!! worth every visit. With over 900 noctural animals of 130 species inhabiting there and it's the first wildlife park with a night view. You got to explore all those animals with a close watch either through walking trails on foot or take a tram ride.

Eh mai siao siao it has been the winner of Singapore Tourism Awards' Leisure Attraction of the Year 6 times eh!! Just paid S$20 (entrance) + S$8 (train ride - adult) & S$4 (child : 3-12 yrs). You can enjoy the animal show too....hehe this time me not the attention of the show

tHUrsdAy: Skipped Tues & Wed ~~Shopping again Loh! Traveled to Geylang to satisfied our urge...wei what you thinking huh?? ~~ people went there for "Frog porridge" lar "Kong Po Tin Kai" in contenese. too bzzz eating no pic available....kekeke

S$16 "Kong Po Tin Kai" + S$4 White porridge

Got some durians and mangoesteens back for late supper...Oh petua orang tua after eat durian need to take magoesteen to avoid too heaty...Never know this till my sis introduce to me =)

FriDaY: Continue my shopping Orchard, Bugis, OG, etc etc etc.

SaTuRdAy: Last hour shopping at Jurong, then to Causway Point to filled our stomach with my fav Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Shit the owner does not allow me to snap any pic...hhmmm seems like many places in spore does not allow photography...KNS...scared ppl curi their idea konon)

So just managed to grab identified it...Eh this one is a real good toast..LOVE IT!

9.30pm Leave Singapore on my business class bus...Cool..spend S$55 for the ticket....


A. F. L. said...

L-Y-N I like your blog title and your article, you should publish in my blog too...Have a nice day!

**L-Y-N** said... what you want me to publish for ya...hahhaa or y not you link yours to my site..

buttercup said...

what a heavenly trip with good food, good ppl, shopping, HUNTING (for animals??)... comparing Lyn's Singapore trip is 100,000,000,000 better than mine in Bangkok... 5555555555555555555555555 i lost my old Motorola phone n' my 4-year-old G-shock... what a shocking experience. kakaka...

**L-Y-N** said...

Hahahah a lesson to learn for you Buttercup..Next time better be on trip with me...=)