Monday, April 10, 2006

1 mOre trY

Tonight is a silent night, there's barely any sound except for the songs "One more Try" playing over the radio...a song of a lovers who give up and been through and now seeking for a chance to give each other one more try on the love they gave up....

The song keep me thinking, trying out again on a lost love..........

Will it still be the same as it used to be?
Will it be a good start or just another mistake after all?
Will it leads to another hurt ?
Will it leads to another pain?
Will it leads to another lost ?

Answer: ????????????????????????????????????

1 comment:

WK said...

Give it 1 more try if:
1) You are not having any potential relationship now, nor anticipating any in the near future.
2) Having the feeling of the previous failure is a near miss, the outcome could be positive if it had been handled differently .
3) Still deeply in love and cannot(not willing to) let go.
4) There is an internal urge, natural force pushing for this. Not the logical mind that calculating the cost/benefit for doing so.