Thursday, March 16, 2006

tiLl tHen.....
"Life ~~ a simple words but yet hard to be understandable..Lately been thinking and wondering, "what life really means?" As stated in Oxford dictionary: it carries the meaning of:

1) the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth and functional activity.
2) the existance of an individual human being or animal.
3) a particular type or aspect of people’s existence: school life etc etc etc...
As much as how the dictionary may want to define it, I doubt “Do life have a definite meaning?”. We may landed here like an alien from some lost spaceship, without knowing the real purpose of our landing, or it maybe we are here due to the force of karma or perhaps we landed here for our own choices.

When I was young I used to think what I want to be, what job I want to ended up with, whom I want to meet and the list goes on and on and on… Life is full of surprises…as it never leads you to the way you plan it to be…~~at least this happened to me.

I often asked “If life does not have definite answer and I am not going to find out the real meaning of it does that matter?” “Do I really bother so much?” If life is meaningless without any real purpose or destination…why don’t I just kill myself and end the life? Why I bother to live on and keep finding and searching….???

Perhaps I should take a friend’s advice: The definition of it is lies within our hand, you can choose to give a life meaning through your actions or just don’t question it at all when you are lost or without direction, what you need to do: Let the life guide you to it and you will sure end up in somewhere.

The most important thing is the process itself and the experience in life you went through. Today you may have what you have now, you may be with the person you claimed to love but will all this be the same again in another next coming 10 yrs or 20 yrs….Nothing is everlasting……

I may not fully understand how life can be a guide if we don’t guide it to the destination …… so I got to hang on and find out and that’s why it gonna “bother” me to live on and have fun while I am doing it……=)

Till then I will find the true meaning of LIFE………..

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WK said...

is it better to have awareness of the meaning of life?

there are some people live their whole life never ever think of what you have asked here (this is a compliment :)). they could have wasted their life. but they could be happy all the journey.

- What if you can't find your meaning of being alive thru out your whole life?
- Can u accept it if worst case you find out it is meaningless? if you can, you are free, free from the suffering of this thinking.

sometime ago a friend tell me his theory. let's see if u agree: people who go for fortune teller are mostly people who lead an unhappy life. or at least they r going thru some turmoil that needs some higher authority's advice. people who lead happy and satisfactory life don't even ever think of fortune telling of their future. they just dont need it.

Happiness/sadness is just a mental state of ourselves. it is a cause and also an effect of the result of our thinking.

i always ask, if our current life are so fullfilling, so busy with objectives to achieve, successful and happy, do we have a single minute to sit down to think about the meaning/meaningful/meaningless of our life.

'The meaning of life' is an alien language to my neighbour's cat. it's something that created by some intelligent creature (but flawed). It's like a program bug in the software that I wrote. I identified it later but it's been running production already and nothing much i can do. maybe god (the one that you belive) purposely put it in so you will remember of him automatically. or maybe we are his beta version creation, His workmanship not so good yet then, and He will revise it when he created a new world :)